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JEFF OPPENHEIMERBoard Certified Neurosurgeon
Dear Patients, Friends, and Colleagues: I have been in practice for 29 years.
I received my training in Neurosurgery at the University of South California – Los Angeles County Medical Center. This institute is the largest hospital in the United States and the third largest in the world. In an effort to live close to family, I moved to Florida. I recently left the faculty of the University of Arkansas for Medical Science as an Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and had the honor of treating our Veterans at the Central Arkansas Veterans Hospital in Little Rock.
I practice spinal neurosurgery and perform peripheral nerve operations (such as carpal tunnel release), and spine surgeries (both simple and complex. My passion and expertise is in minimally invasive spine surgery and published in journals and textbooks and taught this to Neurosurgery Residents. I offer patients the latest technologies often using surgical approaches that utilize small incisions and little soft tissue trauma. This allows for less pain, quicker recovery with return to activities of daily living and work. Many of our patients have their surgeries down on an outpatient basis.
In additions to having published medical articles, I have appeared on national television on Emergency 911 with William Shatner and Sunday Morning with Dennis Wolverine. I have been a consultant for the American Medical Forensic Services company in California and I have been Chairman of Surgery and also participated in Tort Review for claims against the US Government. I and am an experienced deponent and author of skillful reports and IMEs.
I treat my patients as though they were family. My mission is to provide the best possible Neurosurgical care to members of our community. Race, religion, ethnic background or financial means will never compromise my standards for excellence. Our procedures will be state of the art and will incorporate the latest technology. I welcome an open channel of communication between my patients, their friends and relatives and myself. Honesty, confidentiality and trust will be foremost in my dealings with all of you. No efforts will be spared to help you. I thank all of you for your trust in selecting me as your physician. I am honored by the privilege of serving you.

Dr. Nicole Castera has dedicated her career to providing excellent care and improving health and wellness. Being highly experienced in pain management and rehabilitation allows her to see great results among her patients.

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